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Welcome to the art of pixelstud. I’m a San Francisco based artist creating mixed media art for you to enjoy. I use a unique technique in my work that results in a dot pattern texture, this is done using a stamping technique with LEGO bricks. Each round acrylic pixel you see on canvas originates from the stud of a LEGO brick. Candy, gum wrappers and various ephemera are weaved through these dots creating many layers to discover something new including various objects sewn into the canvas. Works range in size from 5×7 inches to 5×7 feet. All work is available and for sale in the shop. To arrange an appointment to view work in person at my studio in SF and for inquiries on purchasing original work contact me here.


All original art for sale in the shop.

Ocean Avenue Rocket Whirl San Francisco Pixelstud

Art chosen to represent San Francisco’s Ingleside district.

The Ocean Avenue Association chose “Ocean Avenue Rocket Whirl” as the permanent banner design for Ocean Avenue in San Francisco. 37 Street pole banners in addition to t-shirts, coffee mugs and other spectacular merch will be produced this summer to represent the Ingleside District! Learn more about what inspired the art here.


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“Someone Else’s Town”


Like a cigar.

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