Transit Soars

The Transbay Tower (aka Salesforce Tower), the tallest building in the West Coast (outside of LA), symbolizing a promise of grandeur in transit, hovers majestically above an autonomous car. This painting narrates a story of shifting transportation dreams, as the Tower was once part of the Transbay Terminal’s initial vision for public high-speed rail, aiming to connect the megaregions of the Golden State, activating economic development potential and a cleaner environment by creating jobs, and preserve agricultural and protected lands via shortened travel times between metropolitan Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego, akin to Japan and Europe’s modern train travel. However, a decade later, this vision has transformed into the reality of Electric, Emission-Free Autonomous personal transit, confined within the boundaries of San Francisco, busily testing itself in a bid to privately connect with the rest of the state.

Silver gum and candy wrappers, ink, acrylic, spray paint on canvas.

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