From backyard-to-urban-kitchen-counter, an artisanal, handcrafted and handmade (no robots!) cooking experience was had. These small-batch jams turned out totes adorbs. I mean, I can’t even.

Pear is the star attraction.


Meyer lemons flown in from the backyard Meyer lemon tree. Yes, I kept the kitchen window open and flew them directly into the kitchen! So athletic!


My sugar is raw. Until it’s not…


Simmering and macerating, the part your nose will be waiting for: the smell of sweet.


Boiling the quilted glass jars and lids to avoid a “botched-up-style” jam enjoying experience.


So much going on at once!

Introducing this weekend’s Jam flavors:


(on the right)


… so pretty, so good, they sparkle like diamonds in the sky!

Pearnilla Spice

Bold and beautiful.

Ginger Honey Pear

Yes honey, there’s ginger in those there mountains.

It’s a

Strawberry Chia

party in the front and a

Black Chia Berry

one in the back.

The view from above is a holiday full of happy!