It took me 4eva to figure out how to trash the chip bag I found on the trail at #devilsslide

I had wished the bag was recyclable for multiple reasons (It was one of those hot plastic and aluminum hybrid mess types of chip bag). But, the more pressing reason for wanting to recycle was the complexity of opening the door to the trash. I thought it was just me being ditsy until I noticed how the right hand sticker had been inappropriately appropriated for the left hand. Plus it’s unnerving not being able to see what your sliding your hand into, knowing that rusty metal is not going to be a very sensual experience. I guess being right-handed in a right-handed world can still f-u over when the right hand doesn’t know what a left hand looks like. #righthand #informationdesign #productdesign #sanmateocountyparks #devilsslidetrail #trashcan #pacificocean #recycling #designerlife #designfail #wayfinding #pixelstud